• SEQ200475: Construction of Storm & Sanitary Sewers in 112th Ave b/w Francis Lewis Blvd. & Colfax Street, Etc.- Queens
  • SEQ200500: Installation of Storm Sewer in 109th Ave- Queens
  • SEQ200506: Installation of Storm and Sanitary Sewer in 200th Street- Queens
  • SER200219: Storm Sewer in Cleveland Place & Fingerboard Rd.- Staten Island
  • SEQ002664: Replacement & Extension of Sanitary and Storm Sewers in 213th Street b/w 50th Ave and 53rd Ave.- Queens
  • SEQ200464: Construction of Storm & Sanitary Sewers in 115th Street b/w Poppenhusen Ave and 14th Ave.-Queens
  • SEQ002701: Construction of Combined Sewers in 121st Street b/w Jamaica Ave & Dead End- Queens
  • SE-810 - Storm and Sanitary Sewer, Willets Point Blvd., Whitestone Area, Phase2